Had a dream that I was sitting at the Mercury’s
Everything panned out so perfectly

Blizzard - Paradise Island lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

Basically, I had this… it’s actually a dream as well. I remember it really, really vividly because it was just as James Blake won the Mercury Award for Overgrown. For some reason I’d been waiting for so long to see who would win this award because every single album that was nominated I was a fan of. So I was, like, “Omigod! That’s amazing!”

Then the night after James Blake was announced I had this mad dream where I was actually at the proceedings and just seeing, like, all of my favourite artists - like meeting Thom Yorke, meeting Four Tet, Bonobo. Meeting… I think I mentioned James Blake and I mentioned Jake Bugg as well and Ben Howard and all these other people.

I think as well… I think Ben Howard might have been nominated for the Mercury as well, at that time, and… yeah. So it was a pretty surreal dream for me to have, especially just after watching it.

I remember thinking it was really real and I remember looking in my phone the morning after, like, “cool… where’s my texts?" You know what I mean, "who texted me last night?” and I was like, “oh, okay, so it was a dream.”

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