Feeling high off the adrenaline
In the DMT in my pineal gland

Blizzard - Paradise Island lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

I don’t know if my science is as up to date as I think - so I might be completely wrong here - so, sorry if anyone’s studying science in uni or something.

But, from what I know, DMT is like the main component in the pineal gland which provokes thought in dreams. So, I think that’s the reason why dreams are illogical and a lot of things don’t seem to make sense and, like, you can jump from one extreme to another in a dream without knowing.

Also, you can actually get high off DMT. You could smoke DMT and have a trip off it because it’s a psychedelic, it’s a pretty, pretty potent component - I’m not saying that I’ve took it but, yeah it’s one of them really. I said I wanted the whole song to sound, kind of, druggy.

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