All you need is one track to make it
And to be frank I hate it
All you do is sample a song that's dated
And that leads on to a five figure pay slip
I don't rate it

Blizzard - Love & Waviness lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

I think this was something I had in my head about two years ago where it seemed that every song that was coming out sampled, like, an 80s dance track - like a track would come out that sampled Pump Up The Jam and then something would come out that samples Children by Robert Miles and then something would come out sampling The Sandstorm… I’m like, "dude, where is the originality?"

But, then again, I can see an art in sampling but not when it’s the main component of an original piece - you know what I mean.

So, this is, why, like, when I hear Daft Punk I know that it’s a different track - you know what I mean. Like, if you was to go on YouTube and type in “Daft Punk samples” every single track on discovery is just one long sample. So, that, to me, isn’t sampling. That, to me, is just plagiarism almost. Shoot me… sorry.

But, yeah, a lot of dance music is, to me, quite generic. But, at the moment, new things are coming out - you know what I mean.

So, like, three or four years ago there was loads of things that would sample 80s and 70s. So, like, there’s about four songs sampling “You’ve Got The Love” and I was like, how many times does this work?

But, yeah, I guess things are changing a bit more now. Things are becoming more original, I think. Like, in House music especially - like Avicii is very original, like Swedish House Mafia is quite original.

But, back in the day, it was just like four-to-the-floor and then a sample over the top. But, yeah, things change - you know what I mean? That was two years... was it two years ago? Yeah… in Love And Waviness. So, my mind state’s definitely changed on that.

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