And are you gonna leave me now
Just when heaven was waiting?
Are you gonna leave me now
With no conversation?

Are you gonna leave me now?
Sweared you’d always be down
But you’re leaving me now

Blizzard - Leave Me Now lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

It’s a weird one because it’s loosely based on a relationship but it’s also, kind of, got a twist to it as well.

So, yeah, I won’t shed too much light on it for the respect of the person, but… yeah. It’s like, just as I was starting to take music seriously I witnessed an ex-partner distance from me - mainly because they didn’t really understand the amount of effort I put into what I do.

Some people want all the effort to be put into them - like clingy girlfriends and stuff that just want you to be with them every waking day.

But, obviously, music is my main priority in life, it’s what keeps me ticking, you know.

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