We’re the kids of the night
The start of a new generation
Nocturnal creatures elevating
When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
Crucial time for creating

Blizzard - Kids of the Night lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

Well if someone was to ask where I’m most comfortable working, I’d say the time when all the other people are asleep because I like the lull of night in comparison to, like, three or four o’clock in the afternoon.

Even though I love doing, like, things in the day, I don’t know why, just my mind seems to work in a different way. Like, my body clock must be a bit weird. So, I can manage to do work at, like, six o’clock in the morning, three o’ clock in the morning, times like that.

So, yeah, nocturnalism is probably the main meaning behind Kids Of The Night.

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