Flashing lights surround us and the DJ wheels up
The people scream out like woah

Blizzard - Kids of the Night lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

A reload is when a track gets so much reaction in the club that the DJ just spins the record back and plays it from the start. So, it’s like… and then puts the needle back in the deck and plays it again. And usually, that’s because everyone’s crazy in the club. So, like, if someone was to play, like - in a Grime sense - if someone was to play Pow, 9 times out of 10 that would get a reload. If someone was to play I Luv U by Dizzee, it will pretty much always get a reload. So, hopefully, that track is another one of them songs that can get a reload in that club.

That’s why the flashing lights are out as well because that whole track is like… Kids Of The Night it’s a reference to being in a dark room in a club, but it’s also a reference to being a nocturnal worker.

So, it’s kind of a double meaning to it.

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