Let me take you back through time
’05, first day of school
Writing bars in my text books
Didn’t do work, I was too cool

Blizzard - Back In the Day lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

When I was coming in to high school from Year 6, I just loved writing and I was, like, always really into creative writing; writing stories, writing poems and I remember in my school St. Catherine’s - big up the St. Catherine’s kids - we had, like, a creative writing class every Friday afternoon with a teacher called Miss Andrews. She’d like just, basically, make us write loads of different kinds of things like prose, sonnets, haikus, limericks, stories, Dystopian fiction, Utopian fiction and it really helped me because that was the first time I’d ever really realised how to use concepts in writing because I would just be given an idea and then be told to run with it.

So, from then, I was like, I love this, I can just write about anything I want with this concept in mind.

Music, kind of, works with that same idea, I think, because you have an inspiration that you can work either very loosely or very close to it.

So, yeah, with Back In The Day that was just a reference to me writing all the way thorough high school from Year 7 to Year 11 and then bringing that through college as well - even though I left college, like, four months in - it’s because I was sick of it… and, I don’t know.

I kind of jumped into the deep end when I got my management deal and just decided to go from there and do music.

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