So who am I?
Call me B L I
If you say you don’t rate what I do
That straight up be a lie

So who am I?
Call me Blizzard the great
I’ll prove I’m A R D like
The last three letters of my name with little debate

Blizzard - B L I lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

B L I, the first track on my EP, is basically starting the transformation from being, like, a Grime artist to being a fully blown, versatile artist - because the product before that Sooner Than Never was very hip-hop and Grime. I wanted my new EP to, kind of, like, be a journey from being just a rapper to being an artist. So that track was just like the start of that transformation.

The meaning behind it is just saying, like, it's quite a self-contained, quite arrogant song and it's quite smug as points as well. But, a lot of Grime music has that feel to it. People like to brag about their skills, you know. So, I was bringing it back to the elements really. Bringing it back to the very start of what I do.

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