If I drop one mixtape without a feature
It’s a game changer I bet

Blizzard - B L I lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

With the first project I didn't have any features on it either and I thought it would be good to follow suit. But, we did have some ideas - like me and the team thought maybe a feature would be good on it. But, I thought it would be cool to keep quite a consistent style with it, you know.

But, yeah, "dropping the one mixtape without a feature" was, kind of... it was an ode to Durrty Goodz - whose another artist from London - who once said... he said something like "oh, yes, I'm a geezer. I dropped one CD with not a feature. So you can say what you want I'm a believer."

And from then I just, I was really inspired by that and thought hey, if I can do it all myself, like, why shouldn't I not, you know what I mean? I should definitely do as much as I can to myself.

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