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In New York City I made my home
I loved the streets, the very stones
Cared for my comrades, cherished my friends
Loved all beginnings, had no time for ends

A city's streets are full of woe
I saw suffering where'er I'd go
I did my best to console and heal
Treat each human with full dignity

I never saw a reason to
Hate someone who thinks different than you
Each one has their anointed place
In the love reflected in their God's face

We all have sorrow, our share of trials
We all are sinners in each other's eyes
Love alone can heal the pain
God bestows love in so many ways

I love the company of friends
The fire and the music sparkling in their eyes
But I achieved my heart's desire
When I rode beside the ones who fight the fires

I have my failings and I have tried
To look them squarely in the eye
To be there when someone might call
For I know cruel well how hard it is to fall

As I arise on this September morn
The sun is beaming down, the streets are warm
God's in His heaven and all is well

I will go forth and do His will.

Livin' in America: 11 Years On
Oh, I took me chance
Up in the Bronx
Seven years ago to the day
Oh, I walked up to him
Said, "how're you doin'?"
Ever since it's been hell to pay
We moved in together
Oh, God, that fellah
Drove me to distraction and despair
But the sex was good
Like I knew it would be
Livin' in America

At first it was great
Out drinkin' all night
Fireworks back home in the bed
Then we got engaged
Oh god, what a cage
All she talked about was weddin' bells
We went home to The Coombe
A way too soon
The lads didn't know what to make of us
With our drinkin' and fightin'
And kissin' and cryin'
And livin' in America

I felt sick to me stomach
What the hell is wrong with it
Couldn't even look at a beer
When I went to the clinic
I just couldn't believe it
"Congratulations, my dear???"
He was decent enough
When I told him the truth
Said, "you know I always wanted to marry you"
But that night in the dark
I could tell that his heart
Was broken in America

I did the best that I could
Sweatin' hot tears and blood
Buildin' that house up in Pearl River
But everything changed
With each kid on the way
She took all the fun out of livin'
No more nights on the town
No, it's get your head down
It's all for the children and the future,
Oh Mammy dear, it's no fun over here
Livin' in America

Workin' like a madman morning noon and night
I need them couple of pints to make me feel alright
I never meant to stay late, it just turned out that way
I need some craic like all the lads before I'm old and gray

Lyin' in the bed, waitin' for your key
To turn in the lock, pretendin' I'm asleep
Oh, you want me now, despite me frozen tears
But there's more to life than makin' love to a drunk reekin' of beer

And now we're apart
Ah, it's breakin' me heart
The young one cries about him every day
I get out to the pub
A couple of times every month
I suppose I'm doin' okay
Young lads give me the eye
But I think that I'd die
If another man touched me that way
I'd give the world to talk to him
But he's here with his girlfriend
Livin' in Amerikay

Is that her over there
What's she done with her hair
Still there's no one holds a candle to her
Ah, jeez, she looks good
Just like I knew she would
"Do you come here often, stranger??
Can't we try once again
Can you get past the pain
Would it matter if I told you I adore you
Oh, darlin' me dear,
I still need you here
Livin' in America
Can I get you your coat
We can work it all out,
Livin' in America
Oh Mammy dear we're all mad over here
Livin' in America

Him: Listen, don't make a show of me, will you, the lads are all watchin'

Her: To hell with the lads, are you ever goin' to grow up? There's a couple of things you and I are goin' to have to sort out..

Him: Oh yeah? Like what?

Her: Give me a couple of weeks and I'll make up a list for you.

Him: I'm not givin' up me pint again, I tell you that right now.

Her: You and your pint!

Him: Jaysus, you're an awful woman, aren't you?

Her: It's you made me that way.

Him: Ah will you be quiet and give us an auld kiss

Her: A kiss is it? The head on you and the price of turnips'I should have listened to me Mammy'


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