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Facebook Arcadia were a pop and art rock group formed in 1985 by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, during a break in that band's schedule. The group, which was disbanded one year later in 1986, achieved great success mainly in the United States, in where their unique album So Red the Rose was certified Gold and Platinum. However, the band never toured. Drummer, Roger Taylor appeared in only a few band photographs and in none of the music videos, and stated he was only to be involved in the recording side of the project (he also had minor involvement in The Power Station, the other Duran Duran splinter group formed by Duran Duran members Andy and John Taylor alongside Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson of Chic mainly).

The name of the band was reportedly inspired by the Nicolas Poussin painting Et in Arcadia ego (also known as "The Arcadian Shepherds"). At the same time that So Red the Rose was in production, Asia were recording their third album, also tentatively titled "Arcadia". Prior to release, Asia renamed their project "Astra" to avoid confusion.
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