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During visiting hours
I had to read to sick people

kinda' People who had no one

It was my punishment
Catholic school community service
For farting on a nun's muffin

It was an accident I swear to god

And every day would start the same way
She'd say
"how you doing?"
And I'd say "I'm doing...
Shane Koyczan & The Short Story Long lyrics
f you are scared of losing:
Don't give in, do the choosing.
It's your life; Endless waiting.
All you stand to lose is gaining.

All this time; What we've waited for.
Calling in everybody here.
Who you are; Who you choose to be.
Who you are; Who you choose to be.

If you don't know where you're...
Papadosio lyrics
Kinō mama ga yon de kure ta otogi hanashi wa
Ohimesama to ōji sama ga
Shiawase na kisu o shi ta n dake to
Watashi mada amai koi zenzen waka n naku te
Yumemi tai no yume o miru no
Dai suki na jinjābureddo no koto
Kare wa pekori to ojigi shi te watashi ni kii ta
'doko e iku no?' 'nani o suru...
Shibayan Records lyrics
10th Oct 2014
The wind in the willows played
Love's sweet melody
But all of those vows we made
They were never to be
Brenda Lee lyrics
3rd Oct 2014
Be a wise man, be a fool
Treat me tender or be cruel
Be anything, but, darling, be mine
Timi Yuro lyrics
1st Oct 2014
I am the victim of my own undoing.
He who shot himself in the foot.
Another fuckwit human
With some dumb stupid stuck to me
He who forgot to read the stories you tell in the books.
She tried to teach me how to be humble.
I blew it.
Tuka lyrics
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