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I am the victim of my own undoing.
He who shot himself in the foot.
Another fuckwit human
With some dumb stupid stuck to me
He who forgot to read the stories you tell in the books.
She tried to teach me how to be humble.
I blew it.
Tuka lyrics
selv når alle dybe sår forsvinder
vil jeg stadig elske dig som før
Björnskov lyrics
Raat chander alo jhore bondhu
Tomar o ghore
Hai alo je jole na
Ami ekla andhare
Bondhu ---- jena ami
Khuji tomare
Tumi kothai acho kothai
Deikha jao amare*
Shireen lyrics
Stinking of issy miyake, dark rum and the marijuana
Step inna mi lake and swim with the piranha
Anytime mi drop mi go put down a marka
If it nuh money say whe dem bother talk for?
Dem a try fi hold up a bank wid a banana
Yeah we pree the whole ting panorama
Whole heap a gun talk they don't...
Dub Phizix & Skeptical lyrics
22nd Sep 2014
M1 2-7 watch out
La vida buena
Ahora bien en mi hora
Bamo bapo
Got this shit and I like what I hear boy
Wooo, that beat is off the chain man
Drop that shit for me one time
Just gimme that, let me hit it up real quick

Oh your mama sita
Es cool qba libre
Stand for production
Fui en dice
Vamos a...
Qba Libre lyrics
17th Sep 2014
As a wise man that think if I possess the game in my mind
The reason I wear shades is you can't see the pain in my eyes
Kevin Gates lyrics
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