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Quitter's never win. A winner never quit's.
The burn is just weakness transformed to strength.
When times get hard I go harder.
Think smarter. Bruce Lee said "Be like water".
Tough times make us tougher. lyrics
back street boy with no education, you'll never get a job
scruffy little mug with no destination, you'll never get a job
jailbird con with your fading tatts, you'll never get a job
over age grandad wish you'd paid a pension, you'll never get a job

What you gonna be is a mystery, just don't...
The Last Resort lyrics
Sosa, Sosa, Sosa

That cash well, I gotta get it,
I be kush smokin yeah I admit it
I was born with this shit nigga
So pussy nigga I'm dyin with it,
What's up with all these square niggas,
And they wanna be L's now,
Keep ya head up, it's war time
And on your block you can't sell now
Guns sing...
Chief Keef lyrics
It could have been much worse
But it should have been better
Five Finger Death Punch lyrics
23rd Oct 2014
See your face across the room from me
Heart is racing and it's getting pretty hard to breathe
The lights dance on both our faces, your eyes, they sparkle bright
TwoThirds & Holly Drummond lyrics
22nd Oct 2014
He wore the rose tattoo,
To prove his love was true . . .
But hearts can lie, so why deny,
That roses fade and love can die . . .
Perry Como lyrics
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