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Gelo gelo re
Gelo gelo re
Kotozon gelo re
Bolo kay bolo kay
Doila re doila
Pissonay te feley je milaiya
Indian Ocean lyrics
I'm sitting and I'm wondering
when will you return to my life
making me whole again
'cause I'm half the man I used to be
when you loved me.

And many a times
many had come and faltered 'long the way
many of people
would love to have what we had

But since you've been gone
things are not the same...
Duane Stephenson lyrics
8th Sep 2014
I refuse…I won’t let nobody…steal my joy…
I refuse…I won’t let nobody…steal my joy… no…no…
Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's lyrics
8th Sep 2014
I should forget
But with the loneliness of night
I keep remembering everything
You're gone and yet
There's still a feeling deep inside
That you will always be part of me
Timi Yuro lyrics
8th Sep 2014
Every time I wear this perfume most rare,
My heart goes dancing back again
To the times we had and now I think it's sad
I never told you how I cared.

And all the years from now, you probably won't recall
Oh but I will feel the way you made my heart rise and fall

When you told me that I'm...
Emily Hearn lyrics
6th Sep 2014
Te ví esta mañana
Ibas tan rápido
Y el pasado
No lo consigo olvidar
Oh, te extraño tanto
Y no te tengo cerca
Aún hacemos el amor

En mi vida secreta
En mi vida secreta

Sonrío cuando me enojo
Engaño y miento
Hago lo que puedo
Para la vida sobrellevar
Pero, sé lo que está mal
Y sé lo...
Adanowsky lyrics
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