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It wasn't worth your time
And don't ask me why
I didn't cross the line
I didn't have to try

You were every face I see
In every cloud and every tree
What if they could see me hide
What if they were on my side

I never said goodbye
And don't ask me why
I didn't make a sign
I didn't have to...
boyChild lyrics
Jah is my lifeline protect me from the plaques dem in the night time always mek my light shine
Capleton lyrics
There's a troll under the bridge,
Taking tolls and eating kids.
He's got a hand in every deed,
Living off of human greed.
I know that we can take him down,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Hand in hand we're on our mark,
All we need is some direction.
Papadosio lyrics
You know better than I
You know the way
I’ve let go the need to know why
For you know better than I
Maria Shandi lyrics
During visiting hours
I had to read to sick people

kinda' People who had no one

It was my punishment
Catholic school community service
For farting on a nun's muffin

It was an accident I swear to god

And every day would start the same way
She'd say
"how you doing?"
And I'd say "I'm doing...
Shane Koyczan & The Short Story Long lyrics
15th Jul 2014
He loves me
I love him
And even though were young at heart
You're the one in denial
Joss Stone lyrics
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