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Ek het nooit gedink dat dinge sou verkeerd gaan. was daar net te veel tussen jou en my. wat jy my geleer het moes ek maar geweet het, want somtyds in 'n oogwink is als verby. want ek klou nog aan jou vas, elke uur van elke dag

Waar, waar is jy nou
Ek ryk my hande uit na jou
Ek is so alleen...
Jay lyrics
back street boy with no education, you'll never get a job
scruffy little mug with no destination, you'll never get a job
jailbird con with your fading tatts, you'll never get a job
over age grandad wish you'd paid a pension, you'll never get a job

What you gonna be is a mystery, just don't...
The Last Resort lyrics
You try to lift me
I won't get better
What's making you happy
Is making me sadder
Tokio Hotel & Kerli lyrics
You're the special soul who makes me wanna give it
You're the special soul who makes me wanna give it
You're the special soul who makes me wanna give it
You're the special soul who makes me wanna, makes me wanna

You're the special soul who makes me wanna give it
Duke Dumont lyrics
26th Aug 2014
It started out in spring time,
Against the golden skyline
You spoke to me at last
It started out intensely and with it all my senses
I knew. I'm sure I knew

The only reason God gave me eyes was to see you
The only reason God gave me ears was to hear your voice

Say, I will al... I will always...
JP Cooper lyrics
26th Aug 2014
I'm the edge, I'm the fall, I'm the pavement waiting to end it all.
I'm the steps on the path, the path thats led you here.
I'm the breath in your eyes, I'm the lifeless look that's in your eyes.
I'm the person you said, you never will become.

First time doesn't even matter,
Until the second...
Candlelight Red lyrics
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